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Serving Clients of all faiths drawing from our shared Christian heritage


We believe that each person is more than simply their own legal problem.

We recognize that each individual who comes into our office is more than just a legal issue. In providing assistance to our clients, we seek the formation of professional relationships that not only resolve technical concerns, but also work together to realize the promise of justice.

Our philosophy of Cura Personalis, or “care of the whole person,” recognizes that each client is a dynamic individual, alive with physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We value those unique concerns in our promise to provide the following:

Individualized Attention to Your Needs

No two people ever have exactly the same needs when they ask for help, and we strive to ensure that our response is individually tailored to meet your personal expectations. Rather than simply plugging names into electronic forms, we work with you to address your legal needs.

Respect for Your Unique Circumstances

Every person who seeks out legal assistance brings with them a unique history and list of concerns about their future. In working with you as our client, we diligently seek to respect the unique circumstances and hopes that brought you into our office.

Appreciation for Your Individual Gifts & Insights

We believe that every attorney-client relationship should be based in collaboration and personal authenticity. Through being true to ourselves, we recognize that no one person ever has all of the answers. We seek to remain open to inspiration, regardless of its source.

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