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Experienced Trial Practice

Aggressive Defense Representation

Results when Your Future Depends on Them

Sometimes, people make mistakes and get caught in the act. Other times, people are wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit. And, in some cases, even those who did something wrong find their rights were violated by government officials. We work with each individual client to determine their needs and the unique situation they are in.
Criminal Defense begins with a precise understanding of your constitutional rights, and how those rights must be protected in the courtroom. From there, carefully reviewing records and reports of investigations help ensure that you are protected throughout the criminal court process. We make every effort to defend your rights every step of the way.

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Flat Fee Defense Rates

No Billable Hours - No Surprises

At your initial consultation, we'll discuss the legal fees in your case and provide you with a flat fee guarantee. You will never receive an hourly bill with surprising charges, and you'll know your costs upfront.

Initial Representation Fee

Your initial representation fee is calculated to cover all of the normal activities in your case, including all court appearances, meetings with you, review of discovery materials, additional investigation and negotiations with the prosecutor. Pretrial motions, such as motions to suppress or dismiss, are also included in your initial representation fee with no additional charge to you.

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