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Most people identify their families as the primary relationships in their lives. As these relationships grow and change, or occasionally, break apart, there are many legal issues which can arise. And these situations often develop in the midst of emotional, financial and personal concerns that require expert advice and professional consultation.


Separation can be both heart-wrenching and relieving to those who have struggled through an unhappy marriage. In some situations, the spouses may be able to reach an agreement on the key issues of property division and child custody arrangements. Other situations may require intense litigation. In all cases, we will work to ensure a fair and equitable resolution is reached, based upon the specific facts in your unique situation.

Child Custody Modifications

Even if the current arrangement for your child’s custody was ideal when it was written, many families find their situations change over the years. Missouri law requires the court to consider several specific factors to determine the “best interests” of your child, and we work carefully with each parent to present those factors for the court’s consideration.


Some parents decide, for varying reasons, that they are unable to provide for their child and that adoption gives their child the best hope for a stable future. Whether the adoption is by a step-parent, other family member or friend, we work with the adopting parents to assume the legal role of parenting and guarantee a safe and bright future for the child.


When a child in Missouri is born outside of marriage, a court order must provide for the custody plan and support of that child. We work parents to ensure they have the chance to be involved in their children’s lives on a regular and meaningful basis.

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